Durascale 800 kg DS - T7E XT Timbangan Digital

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Platform Scale DURASCALE DS-7E XT
General Specification:
- Capacity: 800kg
- Accuracy: 200g
- Platform: 80x80cm
- Display: 2 inch large LED Display
- Indicator: Peak Hold, Auto Accumulate, Average Weighing, Hi Low Alarm and Accuracy Zoom
- Scale Base: Solid Iron Feet
- Power: Rechargeable battery / AC 220V
- Weighing Software: Duraweigh scale software management
- Load Cell Mounting: 200mm solid iron for durability and stability
- Load Cell Class: C3
- Load Cell Certification: OIML Certificate R60. IP65, RoHS, ExNEPSI
- 1 Year Guarantee

Discount Price for Reseller:

- Minimum purchase quantity: 3 units
- Discount 10% from Normal Price

- 3-4 days shipping time (Indonesia)
Product Number: DS-800T7E XT
Product Brand: DURASCALE
Country of Origin: Indonesia



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