Kitchen Renovation Cost Calculator

Use calculator from Fobuma to calculate your kitchen renovation cost. This kitchen renovation calculator is designed to estimate cost of kitchen renovation or to calculate kitchen remodel cost.

To use this kitchen renovation calculator, firstly you need to know the price and quantity of products you need. Please fill in price and quantity at relevant post.

You might also use registered products and service from to calculate your kitchen renovation cost.


Moden Kitchen Design

Total Estimated Cost (Rp)
      • Description
      • Quantity
      • Price (Rp)
      • Cost
      • 300 Construction
      • 310 Floor Tiles
      • 320 Wall Tiles
      • 330 Paint
        • 400 Installation
        • 410 Kitchen Sink
        • 411 Waste Coupling
        • 412 Faucet
        • 420 Kitchen Chimneys
        • 430 Gas Hose
        • 431 Gas Detector
        • 532 Stove Oven
        • 540 Refrigerator
          • 600 Furniture
          • 610 Kitchen Cabinet / Countertop
            • 700 Fee
            • 710 Design Service
            • 720 Handyman Service

Kitchen renovation cost can be divided into construction cost, installation cost, furniture cost and service fee.

Construction cost includes materials for renovation, such as floor tiles, wall tiles and paints.

Installation cost consists of water installation and kitchen equipment for cooking.

Furniture cost is a cost for purchasing kitchen furniture.