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ONDA - Top brand for plumbing and sanitary products
Profile Onda
In the early years, products offered by Onda were gate valve and ball valve. As the business grew, Onda has become a trusted brand offering sanitary and plumbing products. Onda products are from brass material, so they are resistant to rust and corrosion. Because of the products quality, Onda is increasingly well-known. Started in year 2000, now Onda has many extended brands, such as: ONDA Exclusive, ONDA Cast Iron, Dcota and Perruno.

Advantages of Onda products:
- Economical pricing with quality products
- Quality and durable material
- Get awards such as Top Brand & Original Brand

Onda products in Fobuma
Onda Plumbing and sanitary products such as water faucets and ball valve are available in Fobuma.

Faucet is a device to close and open the flow of water and is generally installed in the bathroom, kitchen and outdoor. Faucet was originally used to be up and down system, which then developed into a rotary system. Nowadays faucets are more sophisticated with pressure system and motion sensor system. One of the faucet from Onda is faucet Y320 C, which is a type of bath faucet using up and down handle system. Material used for this faucet is good quality chrome iron with stylish design.

Ball valve
Ball valve is a valve shaped like a ball or with a spherical closure, which is used to control liquid flow. Liquid can flow through pipeline, when the valve is positioned such that the bore (port of sphere) is aligned in the same direction as the pipeline. Ball valve is used to control high temperature and high pressure fluid. An example of ball valve from Onda is Ball Valve MXF 3/4, which is produced with brass material so it can last longer.


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