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Wander around here to skim these categories for stakeholder and service provider in construction, engineering and design. Let's browse through Fobuma eMarketplace.

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  • Material Retailer

    Discover the nearest building material retailers to buy materials and products for your building site.

  • Supplier

    Find supplier to procure goods for projects, further production or for reselling.

  • Contractor

    Find contractor in your city or according to your building type.

  • Interior Designer

    Make your home, office and store your favorite place with the help of interior designer in your city.

  • Architect

    Meet architects in your city or who suits your project and type of building you want to build.

  • Specialist Contractor

    Find experienced specialist, who understand and are knowledgeable in the special type of work you need to finish.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    Find industry, manufacturer for the quality goods you are looking for.

  • Finance

    Find here financial services to finance your business and insurance services to give more financial security.

  • Logistic

    Find logistic companies in your city or for the nearest harbour and airport.

  • Craftman

    Find your favorite craftsmen, who can cooperate with you.

  • Maintenance

    Find maintenance services for your building and facilities you operate to ensure its optimal operation.

  • Rental

    Beside buying you can also rent tools and machines from rental companies.

For Clients and Customers

In this engineering and construction business category, service providers and business partner can place themselves in a suitable category, so that customers and client can find them in the same category.

These engineering and construction business category help to find supplier in procurement or to find team members in projects systematically.


This business category starts by economy sector such as distribution and production. Further grouping is made based on the name of the business type such as general contractor or architect.

Finally each business type is categorizes by the products related to them. For example contractor are categorizes as residential contractor and multi-storey building contractor or suppliers are categorized in steel and timber supplier.

Relationship between Category

Relationship between category exists when a business is operating in multiple categories. This applies when an architect is also building as a contractor and a supplier is also performing maintenance services.

This engineering can construction business category uses the tree structure. Nevertheless there are non-hierarchical relationships and overlaps between these business categories.

Using the Business Category

These categories is a mean to approach the vast array of businesses in engineering and construction. These categories can be used to explore and find new business partner.

Apart from exploring categories and discovering new businesses, a service providers or business partner can be also be found using the search box on top of this category page.