Product Category

Categories for construction, engineering and design products. Let's browse through Fobuma eMarketplace.

Category Helps

With this engineering and construction product category, buyer can find products by browsing the relevant category. Seller can place their product to a suitable category, so that buyer can look for them in the same category.

Engineering and construction product category helps buyer in procurement and getting project's requirements systematically.


This product category starts with the source of product as in mineral or its place of application as in building parts. The categorization continues according the name of the base material such as wood and rubber or according to the finished product name such as window.

The categorization ends with the type of products in that category. For example steel beam and steel wire mesh can be found in the steel category.

Using the Product Category

These categories is a mean to approach the vast array of products in engineering and construction. These categories can be used to explore and find unknown product in a category.

Apart from exploring categories and discovering new products, products can be also be found using the search box on top of this category page.