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Everything You Need to Know About Ventilation

We all need ventilation in our homes to get fresh air. For humid tropical country we also expect ventilation do some cooling to the room temperature. Sometimes this just does not happen and the hot ..

Minimalist Garden for Your Home

Unembellished, yet seems to be so modern, makes minimalist design so popular these days. Not only for interior, minimalism can be applied to the garden outside of the house to once again carry ..

7 Highly Effective Ways to Get Rid of Damp and Mould in Bedromm

Humid bedrooms in hot and humid tropical country can create problems, especially problems with the respiratory tract. Some steps are available to address the humidity problems. It can be done by ..

Most Powerful Ways To Clean Stains on Carpet

So disturbing to see hard to remove stains on your beloved carpet. But please do not panic because some steps are available to remove carpet stain easily. Those stains can come from the black coffee ..

How to Clean Different Floor Types

Cleaning floor is not the most simple job. Why? Because there floor cleaning needs to be done according to the floor material. By doing so, the shine you wish to keep for your floor can last longer.

Replace Bathroom Supplies and Accessories for Health Reason

Nothing last forever in this world. That applies also to the objects you are using in the bathroom. Those are the things that can be harmful to your health if you decided to use them forever. So ..

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