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Engineering for a Clean Indonesia

Innovative Quality Products Engineered in Germany
Kärcher ensures the highest production standards by manufacturing only in Kärcher's own factories 100% testing products for functionality and performance before they are shipped to the customer. Kärcher's focus on customers' strives to provide customers with perfect products.

Save Energy
To Kärcher energy is not meant to be wasted. Kärchers cleaning performance use energy efficiently with the application of intelligent and innovative technology.

Maximum Cleanliness, Minimum Effort
With Kärcher products cleaning work is simple and fun. The high-quality, convenient and powerful units eliminate even the most stubborn dirt and incrustations within second. Becoming clean with Kärcher is quick, easy and effortless.

Design Prizes and Patents
Kärcher products have received more than 100 awards for design. More than 1,300 patents proofs the company’s spirit and passion for invention and innovation.

Simple Repair & Spare Parts Availability
Kärcher products and machines are designed to be easily repaired. Kärcher stands for top quality not just in products, but also in service.

PT Bumi Bangun Perkasa has been distributing Kärcher products since the beginning of 2014.

Kärcher Solution for Your Home
- High Pressure Cleaners
- Multi Purpose Vacuum Cleaners (Wet & Dry)
- Vacuum Cleaners
- Steam Cleaners
- Cordless Electric Broom - Window Vacuum- Submersible Pumps

Kärcher Cleaning Technology for Professionals
- Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners
- Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners
- Scrubbers/ Polishers and Scrubber Driers
- Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners
- Dry Vacuum Cleaners
- Carpet Cleaners and Air Blower Steam Cleaner Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers
- City and Municipal Sweepers
- Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Customer of Kärcher Professional Products
- Agriculture
- Automotive
- Hospitality
- Building Service Contractor
- Construction
- Healthcare
- Retail
- Offices
- Public Services
- Restaurant / Catering
- Transport
- Industry